The team working on the projects success:

The objective

Audi Hungary wanted to represent itself on the HVG Job Fair in a unique and unconventional way. 
Their goal was to show that seeking for a new a job can be a fun expereience.

The execution

I was passed off as a teammember of Audi on the job fair and seemingly waiting for passerbys with job offers. Surprise came when people arriving to the exhibition booth were greeted not with brochures and job opportunities, but with dazzling magic tricks and impossible miracles. 

The results

The video shot on location about the activty was used by Audi on YouTube as an ad. The HVG Job Fair and the National Humanmanagement Association both praised the activity as unique.
Even more important are the countless smiles and experiences of hundreds of people visiting the Audi exhibition booth.


Only the video can show what people experienced.

Look at all the reactions we managed to catch!

200,000 +


on Audi Hungarys YouTube channel


of smiles

on the Audi booth-visitors faces



from the HVG Job Fair and the National Humanmanagement Association

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