Stage magic

Interactive, fresh, dynamic and very entertaining. You will have a great time!
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I invite spectators on the stage and make them into active contributors to the show. Besides laughter expect some thrills too, but no worries, I promise I won't cut anybody in half. 


I presented my stage show to small, twenty-strong audiences but to huge (up to 2500 people) audiences as well. I am confident it will be a success on your event too! 


You expect to have an international audience? No problem! I speak Engish, German and Hungarian too. Your entertainment will be in good hands. 


Close up magic

Direct, personal, exclusive entertainment up close. You will not believe your eyes!
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Close up magic is the most intimate and personal form of magic. Here I mingle among the guests, go from table to table and amaze everybody. Miracles happen mostly in the hands of the guests, so it is no wonder, if many will remember the event years from now.


Ideal as an informal program after dinner, a reception, an opening or galas, where there is need for a relaxed an light transfer between two programs. I will spend 3-4 minutes at a group minimum, but we can extend that to 10-12 minutes or more, setting the show to your exact needs. 



Your guests can enjoy the miracles personal and up close. You can give them an experience that they will remember years to come. My repeat customers tell me this year after year. Close up magic is also great for international groups and guests. 


De Luxe show

The most popular choice: The stage show complimented by the personal charm of close up magic.
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If you need a big spectace on the stage that engages everybody, here is the stage show: thirty minutes of humor and interactive, carefree fun. But the highlight of the evening is just the beginning!


Now comes the close up magic, with which you can entertain your guests at their tables. This way they can enjoy the wonders they saw on the stage up close. This makes the experience not just good, but exceptional. 

all at once

You can decide the order of the shows. Often I entertain the guests during reception, then after the dinner I dazzle them with the stage show to elevate the mood and start a great night. 

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