The objective


Show in an unexpected and astonishing way, how easily a company a target of a malicious hacker attack can become !

Because while most companies don't think this could happen to them, studies show that 95% of them already has become a target of such an attack.  

This is a general threat, against which T-Systems and Cisco a high level security service provides. 

The idea


Let's smuggle pendrives fitted with this message into IT security experts' pockets on ITBN - the biggest event of the sector in Central and Eastern Europe 

We couldn't have found a more appropriate venue other than the biggest IT convention of the region. All major members of the sector were here, so it was clear that this was the place to do the project. 

The execution


Dexterity, precision and nerves of steel. 
This project needed somebody who could smuggle the maximum amount of pendrives into pockets, without getting caught. 

It is hard to find a pickpocket, so execution had to be trusted to a magician. I was fortunate enough to work with T-Systems before this project, so it was easy for them to decide, who they want to choose to do this delicate work for them.  


We had to catch it on film.

Take a look at the video!

The results

40,000 +


on the YouTube channel of T-Systems

 70 +


smuggled successfully into pockets



from the advertising industry

LolliPOP 2015

The project won a silver award in the B2B promotion with Guerillamarketing category on the 2015 LolliPOP gala, which according to T-Systems is a "unique success". 


Hipnózis 2016

The project won an other silver award in Direktmarketing / Consumer-Oriented Campaigns category on the 2016 Hipnózis event. 


Arany Penge 2016

Hungary's number one creative festival, the Arany Penge (Golden Blade) brought the project a bronze award in the Direct marketing solutions category. 

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